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Monday, 2 September 2013

Sweet Six and Kisses From Maisie

Mac here, you might see from the cheesy grin that I was in a great mood when this photo was taken. It was my birthday yesterday! I'm now 6 years old in human years, which is 42 to me. The 7 year leap between ages always catches me by suprise but the leap from 35 to 42 was nowhere near as bad as the one from 21 to 28!

Today I went on another glorious walk with the wife and our new gang of hounds - Cousin Pancho, Missy and the Rover Reporter himself, Bootsie! My humans forgot to warn me that we'd be in the presence of a celebrity, I didn't bring my autograph book with me. Hopefully I didn't make too much of a fool of myself, I can get so starstruck sometimes.

Maisie and I were causing mischief on the walk and so the pack leader had no time to open my wonderful card - signed by Sir Bootsie himself! It was also signed by Susan and Mo who I believe are Bootsie's loyal assistants because I don't believe even Bootsie is allowed to order online using his mum's credit card.

Isn't it brilliant?! It's almost like they know that Maisie and I are a couple of Muppets at times. I fit right in on the lineup though, if retirement isn't for me, I think I'll go to Hollywood and star alongside Kermit and the gang. My owners aren't so convinced it's a good idea, they still think I was behind the tragic Monkey Massacre of 3 weeks ago. Just as long as they don't squeak and get me excited I think I'll be okay. I'll sleep with the card under my pillow every night until it happens to make my dream come true. Hang on Kermit, I'm coming!
I got another great birthday present in the form of the news that Greyhound Rescue Fife rehomed their 700th dog on Saturday! Maisie and I were very happy to hear us, dog 700 was a chap called Hunter that neither of us recall, we may have met in passing but we were rehomed soon after his arrival. Nevertheless we're proud to be numbers 691 and 692 to get their forever home and behalf of the other 698 (whether we met or not) we would like to express our gratitude to Celia, Jimmy and all the volunteers who gave us love and care before our forever families found us.

One thing's for sure, my 7th birthday will have to be a real stonker to beat this year!

Mac x

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