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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A death in the family

Mac here with the sad news of a passing. Our beloved monkey went to Rainbow Bridge earlier today.  For those humans that are going "Rainbow Bridge isn't for stuffed animals" you are sadly mistaken. They wait for us at Rainbow Bridge and we are reunited with them upon our death and we play with them while we wait for our humans to arrive.

Monkey lived a short but fulfilling life as a faithful companion to Maisie and I. When we were sad, Monkey was there. When we were scared,  Monkey was there. When we needed something to fight over,  Monkey was there.

Goodbye dear friend,  you will not be forgotten.

Mac & Maisie xxx

Here we are as a family during happier times; 

The circumstances surrounding his death are pending investigation. 


  1. Definitely a case for inspector clouseau.......

  2. Indeed Ann, our trail has gone cold although we suspect that Monkey died of natural causes.

  3. I seem to recall Mac lining his muzzle with the stuffing from his bedding, I had to pull it out bit by bit, I suspect that may be a clue!

  4. Inspector Mac begs to differ, the pictures above were taken during the post mortem and the Monkey fibre found hanging out his jaw just 10 minutes ago was being held for safekeeping.

  5. Love the updates. For sure it was natural causes, my hound says it's 'natural' to finish them off so he's backing Mac all the way on this! ;-)