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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sad Sick Hound - An Update

Hello folks, it's Mac here tonight. I have staggered off my death bed to update my loyal friends who have been lighting candles and praying that I will be okay (if you haven't been doing these things just humour him. It's easier than trying to correct him - Maisie).

You might remember that on Monday I was taken to the vet because I'd been shaking, I wouldn't leave Mum alone, Maisie was barking at me, I looked restless and like I was in pain. Well, the vet found that I have a life threating condition that almost cost me my life. It's called a tender elbow.

(He's such a drama hound, it's not even broken! The rest of his "symptoms" probably came from his blocked anal glands which we all know are now fine because he won't stop farting!)

As you can probably imagine, a tender elbow is a very serious condition for a greyhound to have. Barely anyone survives longer than 24 hours after their diagnosis. I will be on medication for the rest of my life. The initial painkillers look like normal medication but after a few days they will develop the appearance of a dog biscuit as they get stronger and more advanced.

(I don't know where he got this information and it looks like a dog biscuit because it is a dog biscuit.)

I know you are all naturally concerned about my quality of life from this moment on but I can assure you that my family are trying my best to give me a normal life. Maisie is heartbroken over the news and is snuggling up too me whenever she can for fear that she'll lose me at any minute.

(That's not true at all, sometimes he hogs the space by both beds and I have no choice but to snuggle up to him).

Thank you all for your kind words and comments. I tweaked the blog a little earlier today to allow for my friends who don't have Google+ to also comment and wish me well. Unfortunately this means that I've lost all the previous comments on the system but Maisie and I read them all and appreciate them.

(This part is true, our Comments system now allows anyone to post, including our mum who has previously expressed a wish to set the record straight on some of our stories)

The dizziness is returning and I can see a light so I'll return to my bed now. Until next time folks,

Mac (and Maisie)


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Note on Our Training

Our regular readers will know that we're no angels and that much amusement is had by our owners as they try to train us. At the kennels we weren't considered to be the easiest dogs to rehome, especially Mac because he hated other dogs.

When we first got home our humans had to put up with some very disruptive walks. If we saw another dog, no matter how far away in the distance, we both went crazy, barking and twirling round and getting very distressed. The same was true for just about any creature we encountered - if it wasn't a greyhound, we'd go bonkers!

We're by no means perfect but after 2 months our humans are delighted with our progress. We understand now that there are other cats and dogs in our area and we only get upset if they invade our personal space or look like they want to hurt us. We still don't like hedgehogs and squirrels but overall we're a lot more confident on our walks.

Our humans are very proud of us and all the progress we've made since we left the kennels. We're just happy that we've been able to show them that even troublesome hounds can behave themselves if we really try hard!

Mac and Maisie

Monday, 14 October 2013

News from the Kennels

Although we now have our forever homes we try to stay connected to the place that took care of us when no one else could, Greyhound Rescue Fife.

New Hounds on the Block

No new faces have appeared the Greyhound Rescue Fife "Please Choose Me" page this week but there are 39 of our hound friends waiting on their forever home.

Hounds With Homes

This week long term resident Babes found her home as well as Dog of the Month Gav. We wish them both the very best in their new homes.

Dog of the Month

October's Dog of the Month Gav found his forever home on October 6th - that extra publicity done him wonders!

Joe (Mr September) is sadly appearing the "Please Choose Me" page of the website. He's a lovely dog with a great sense of fun so we're still hoping that he won't be around for much longer.

One to Watch

Our kennel favourite Blanche is still looking for a home. We really hope that the humans that come to the rescue take her out for a walk because she is a beautiful dog with a loveable personality. Although she is a strong puller on the lead, she responded well to training and we believe she will one day make a great pet for a lucky human.

We're rooting for you, Blanche!

Over the Rainbow

A couple of our hound friends sadly crossed over to Rainbow Bridge this week. Although we're comforted by the knowledge that Bonnie and Billy are now both out of pain, our thoughts are with their loved ones during this difficult time.

That's it for now folks, as always more information about Greyhound Rescue Fife can be found at their website and check out their blog here.

Mac and Maisie x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Sad Sick Hound

Hello everyone, Mac here tonight with some sad news. I've not been feeling too well recently and it's really been a worry to my humans. I can't find the words to tell them what's wrong but I know they'd do everything they could to make sure I wasn't in pain if they just understood why I'm so sad.

Yesterday Mum took me to the emergency vet. I just couldn't get comfy, I wasn't wanting to move too far from Mum, I was panting and shaking with my tail between my legs. She checked all over my body, my eyes, mouth, legs, you name it, she checked it! Then there was only one area left to check - my bum.

(At this point when Mum was telling the story to Dad, I let out a massive fart. I personally believe my genius timing deserves a paragraph of appreciation before I move on).

The vet cleared out my, ahem, anal glands for me, which were apparently pretty badly bunged up. My poo has been very sloppy for the last month or so and that means they haven't been able to clean themselves out. It cost Mum about £30 altogether but as Kate pointed out, that's money she'd gladly spend to avoid having to do the deed herself.

My family hoped that I'd feel better after my cleansing but I'm still not right. My auntie Celia says I'm still in pain and trying to tell my humans something so I'll be back at the vets tomorrow. Hopefully they'll get some answers and I'll feel better.

On a lighter note, I'd like to complain about the footwear Kate has been choosing to wear the last week. It's no suprise to anyone that I have a high prey drive and our neighbours (the owners of the spaniels I hate) brought her back some Ugg boots from Austrailia.

Yes, that is Wonder Woman underwear and one of the Toy Story aliens in the picture with the boots but that's another story.

My human readers might look at that picture and think cosy, comfy, winter boots. My canine companions who are similarly minded to myself have a different priority;

Holy Moly Genuine Sheepskin!

After a minor battle, they were removed to a safe location and Kate was warned not to let me near her boots again or risk a similar fate to Monkey.

Another crime against fashion passed my canine nose a couple of days ago that once again reminded me of my old pal Monkey;

Since they didn't smell as tasty as the Ugg boots I decided to let them go but Maisie was going crazy - she thought it was a new toy! We're both getting used to them now although Maisie still tries for the occasional nibble.

That's all folk, I'm going back to sleep and dreaming that tomorrow I will maybe feel a little better.


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Celebrity Approved

Mac here today, you might be wondering why our blog has been a little quieter than usual. It's because Maisie and I usually grab Kate's phone when she isn't looking to update the blog but she's went away for a few days and we both struggle with the laptop. We've managed to get our blog posts up but replying to comments is turning out to be a challenge and when faced with challenges, we do what greyhounds do best (sleep). Thank you everyone who has commented though and normal business should resume soon.

Another few days have passed and another couple of training techniques have been tested. First our humans tried filling a water bottle with gravel to shake at us when we're looking for something to fight. This didn't have much of an effect on us and made mum look like a lost band member. Mum then tried giving us squeezy cheese through our muzzle when we were vood. I liked that a lot more but we all returned home covered in cheese so I don't think she's keen to try it again.

The big news of my weekend is that I have a celebrity fan. In the UK there's been a programme on TV called The Big Reunion where some 90s pop bands have reformed. I watched it every Thursday with Kate and my favourite band was definitely B*Witched (Irish roots like me and who doesn't love the song C'est La Vie?) Kate met Keavy from the band yesterday, who was always my favourite because she appreciates how important a friendship with a dog can be the most. She saw a picture on Kate's phone of my winning smile and said "aww".

...What do you mean "is that it?"! It might not be an endorsement deal but I feel very proud!

Mac x

Saturday, 5 October 2013

News from the Kennels

Although we now have our forever homes we try to stay connected to the place that took care of us when no one else could, Greyhound Rescue Fife.

New Hounds on the Block

Some new dogs arrived at the kennels this week, hopefully they won't have to spend too much of their retirement at the rescue but we know the staff and volunteers will make them feel at home. The following information is taken from the Greyhound Rescue Fife "Please Choose Me" page;

ALFIE is a character. He gets on well with everybody and everything but is quite strong on a lead at the start of a walk. He travels well in a car and absolutely loves to be with people. A very nice greyhound.

ROSIE is a very friendly little girl. She pulls a bit at the start of a walk but can be controlled with her lead and collar. She is excellent in a car and loves going out with people. Some family will grow to love her very much.

KEV is a beautiful big boy. He is easy to walk on a lead and has a very friendly disposition. He is never happier than when someone is petting him. He will be a great family pet.

ROSCO is a beautiful black dog. He is great with all the other greyhounds but slightly strong on a lead. This can easily be trained out of him. He loves people and is always wanting to go walkies with them. A great traveller in a car. Will be a good loving pet. He is neutered.

DELTA is a gorgeous girl with no aggression at all. She is an absolute treat to walk on a lead and is the greyhound that everyone would love to have. She is an excellent traveller in a car and is good with children. A very quiet girl.

SONNY is a beautiful black boy. He is strong on a lead and would suit a young, fit person. He is an extremely happy dog who absolutely loves people. He is good with greyhounds but not too happy with small dogs. He would be an excellent house pet.

BONNIE is one of our most beautiful greyhounds. She is also very human friendly. However she is the strongest dog on a lead in our kennels. She is going to take training to check this out of her. Once she is controlled she will be a fabulous pet.

SHERMAN is a beautiful dog. He is a bit strong on a lead but this can be easily trained out of him. He gets on well with greyhounds and loves people but perhaps a bit strong and bouncy for young children. Otherwise he'd make a great pet.

ROCKY is a dear big soul. He is quiet and friendly and not difficult to walk on a lead. He gets on great with all the other dogs and gives us no problems whatsoever. He will be a very nice pet for some family. He deserves a very good home.

Hounds With Homes

This week the beautiful Delta has found her forever home, we wish her all the best.

Dog of the Month

September has come and gone and September's Dog of the Month Joe is still looking for a home. Hopefully Joe will find his forever home soon but it's time for him to move over and make way for October's Dog of the Month!

GAV is a nice big black boy. He is very friendly and makes a big fuss of everyone he meets. He is easy to walk on a lead and will travel for ever in your car. He gets on great with people and very well with our other greyhounds. A nice pet greyhound.

One to Watch

You might remember last week that we wrote about Blanche, a loveable greyhound with a beautiful face and personality to match;

She needs some work to be less forceful on the lead and so Mum bought her a Gentle Leader to try and do some training with her.

The great news today is that Blanche responded well to the Gentle Leader when she tried it out last Sunday. With regular training Blanche's problem will be a lot more manageable and the Gentle Leader might help her to find her forever home.

Mum also tried out the Gentle Leader on some other hounds at the kennels who have been identified as having a problem with excessive pulling on the lead. We think it's great that a device that costs under £10 will bring homeless hounds one step closer to their families.

Bonnie Elder

Our thoughts go out to Bonnie Elder who is not doing too well right now. We're wishing her a full recovery and send big hugs to her humans during this difficult time.

That's it for now folks, as always more information about Greyhound Rescue Fife can be found at their website and check out their blog here.

Mac and Maisie x

Friday, 4 October 2013

Photo of the Week

Does my nose look big in this?

What about this?

And this?

 Just checking, I know it's one of my best feature.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tooth Troubles

Mac here today,  after a couple of  days of constant pain and anguish I have made it off my death bed to the  computer.

On Monday Maisie went to the vet and got 6 teeth out. It was my turn on Tuesday and when I woke up,  I had 9 less teeth. I woke up confused,  sad and very very sore. My trademark smile is ruined,  I'll be working on my new smile all week.

My family have been doing their best to make my constant misery a little less miserable. I got an extra large extra tasty breakfast that made my life worth living yesterday. I've also been getting extra tummy tickles and ear rubs.

It has came to my attention that a certain Maisie does not agree with my version of events. She says that I was sore and tired for the first night and ever since I've been faking it for sympathy. That's not true at all, I'm a very sad dog right now and sad dogs can run across the room for treats just like any other dog.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Blog of the Week

This week we've enjoyed reading all about Oz the Terrier, a Cairn Terrier mix living in South Florida with his mum and dad. He not only blogs about his own life but he is an aspiring poet, product reviewer and campaigner. We also took a quick look at his Taste Tested by the Dog blog, where he shares recipes of food that canines will love. We're not sure that our humans will want to make anything from it for us but we can certainly try!

The post that particularly caught our eye was about staying safe when going out during the night. It can be quite dangerous as you struggle to see and to be seen. Find out more about  how you can stay safe in the dark.

Mac and Maisie

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hi effryone, Maithie here thoonight and I do apologith for my awful grammar. I've juth had 6 teeth out and I'm thill getting ushed to them not being there.

Yetherday I went to the vet to get my teeth thaled and polithed. I didn't know whath that meant unthil I looked it up on Thunday night;

They're going to do what?!

My family were worried that I might find the thurgery thore or that I would have no teeth ath the end buth when they thame for me ith was like I hadden hath any thurgery ath all! I came out and tried to play with a little model that the vet had. It made them laff becoth they thought I would be thore and thad buth I couldn't waith to get home to thee Mac and more importantly,  my dinner!

It wath Mac's turn at the vet thooday buth I'll let him tell hith thory  another day.

Yours toothily