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Friday, 6 September 2013

Photos of the Week

This week we've been working on our synchronised sleeping skills, the producers of "Britain's Got Talent" might stop by this blog at any moment!

We began the day by fine tuning our parallel parking skills then moved onto synchronised roaching. You saw it here first folks, we'll remeber you when we're famous;

Mac and Maisie x


  1. You will be getting a phone call any minute now, it my bet! It's great to meet other blogging Greyhounds.


  2. Thank you both, it's certainly nice to have some company in the form of other blogging doggies. We love our new hobby but would you believe, no one has been in touch about our talents yet? We'll get Simon Cowell on the phone for an explanation!

    Thank you both for reading and commenting, it means a lot.

    Mac and Maisie x