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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Do I smell spaniels?

Maisie here tonight, regular visitors to our blog may remember that there are a couple with springer spaniels that live down the road from our home. Their humans have a daughter that lives in Austrailia and our family has helped take care for their dogs when they've gone away. Well the other day they popped out in the evening and Mac and I got suspicious. They weren't going to work and they weren't taking us out for a walk so where were they going?

When they came back they were absolutely stinking of spaniel. Mac and I had a good sniff of their bums and all their clothing to confirm the prognosis then Mac gave off several strong farts to make the room smell better. We're still very unsure about other dogs so as Mac always says, if in doubt, fart.

Our Mum also got us a lovely housecoat each for when it gets cold during winter. Mac looks like Superman's dog and we haven't decided who I look like, does any know?

I do apologise for the photo of my bum, it's the best one Kate could find of my new coat, I'm not as good at posing as Mac is. Anyway, the appearance of our coats doesn't matter, what matters is our comfort and we absolutely love them. They're all fleecy so it's just like have a blanket that won't fall off when we roll over in our sleep.

If our family come home smelling like spaniels we won't like it but at least we know we look a lot smarter than them in our new coats!

Maisie x

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