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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Gummy bear in the making

Maisie here,  it was my turn to go to the vet this week and my humans got to see a bit more of my personality and how I cope without my husband. When it was time to go,  Mac thought he was coming for a walk but soon calned down when he was given a Dentastick. I think I win points for loyalty,  I sat by the gate until he returned and he probably just went back to sleep when I left.

The thing I love about car journeys is there's so much to see. There's no time to fall asleep because I like to take in everything that's going on around me. I also like to stick my head next to the driver and act as co-pilot but this usually causes trouble when we brake suddenly (I haven't quite mastered roundabouts yet).

Once we got out the car I was still looking around and taking everything in. New places always require lots of investigation. When we were called into the examination room I took a sneaky detour into the room next door and pretended I was lost. The humans saw right through my guise though.

The vet checked me over and said everything was okay.....except my teeth. All my bottom front teeth need to be removed because they're very sore and unclean. I have exactly one month with my teeth before I become a gummy bear with no way to keep in my tongue. At least I'll feel better after the operation.

Oh and our daddy has come a long way in his training. Last week I managed to persuade him that I could provide the indispensable service of yoghurt pot licker. This week he's started eating two yoghurts so Mac can assist too! We're so proud of his progress.

Time to catch up on the all important napping, I'll leave you with the adorable Saturday morning snuggle photos our humans took this morning.

Maisie x

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