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Help Our Hounds

We do apologise if the title is considered by some to be a little misleading, when we say "Help Our Hounds" we actually mean help our doggy friends down at Greyhound Rescue Fife!

Greyhound Rescue Fife is where we both first met each other and where our humans adopted us from. We were waiting for our forever home for over a year there and we'd love to be able to give something back by helping to raise funds for the rescue.

Here's a few ways you can help out the rescue;

Adopt A Hound

It's okay, not all our ideas are as extreme as this one! But if you have the room in both your home and your heart for one of our friends, visit the "Please Choose Me" page to find out more about the hounds currently looking for homes and the "Adoption Process" page to find out more about getting a hound from the kennel to your home. Both pages can be found by going to the Greyhound Rescue Fife website and clicking on the appropriate tabs on the left hand menu.

Make A Donation To The Rescue Via PayPal

Every penny counts at the rescue and donating via PayPal means you don't even have to leave the house to help a hound in need! Want to know what your money will go towards?

£3 will pay for a dog to be treated for worms
£7 will pay for a dog to be treated for fleas or mange
£10 will buy a 15kg bag of food which will feed 5 of our dogs for a week.
£10 will buy a cosy jacket for one of our dogs for the cold Scottish winter.
£15 will buy a special, non-slip Greyhound collar.
£20 will pay for one week emergency boarding for a dog rescued from the track if our kennels are full.
£24 will pay for a dog to have a full course of vaccinations.
£50 will pay for a dog to be neutered.
£80 will pay for a bitch to be neutered

Click here to donate now! You can pay with your existing PayPal account or if you'd prefer, credit or debit card.

Sponsor A Kennel

This would be a great present for a greyhound lover. Unfortunately you don't get the dogs in the kennel but you do get a Thank You pack to commemorate your donation including a certificate. For just £10 a year you could put a smile on a dog's face. To find out more, click here and choose your kennel by clicking on the "Sponsor A Kennel" tab.

Donate To The *Gulp* Neutering Fund

It can be very costly to neuter a kennel full of hounds and despite our protests that we would like to keep our bits intact, it is a very important procedure to ensure that there are no unwanted births of yet more greyhounds that will need to find homes. Go to the Neutering Fund page to find out more about how to donate.

Go Shopping!

It doesn't even have to be for stuff for your hound (although if you have a hound I'm sure they'd appreciate a little present). Easy Fundraising is a website where you sign up and click on the links on their website to do your shopping. For everything you buy, a donation is made to Greyhound Rescue Fife. Big retailers such as Amazon, M&S and John Lewis are affiliated with this scheme along with many others and it doesn't cost you a penny extra. Click here to join the fun!

Go To A Greyhound Rescue Fife Fundraising Event

Details of upcoming events can be found under the Events tab of the Greyhound Rescue Fife website and also on the Fife Forum.

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