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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Blog of the Week 25/09/2013

Usually we choose to profile a whole blog but the blog we found this week had a post that was so awesome we had to give the individual post the honour of being our Blog of the Week!

Why It's A Bad Idea to Keep a 15 Year Old "Cat Mat", a post from Yes I Know, My Dogs Look Funny.

This post shares a humorous insight into what it can be like for Humans owned by Greyhounds when we come across something we'd rather like to eat / kill / shred / destroy / chase / play / bite. Our humans know that this is probably going to happen at least once a day but the event described in this post is a particularly stressful example of how our high prey drive can liven up a day.

We're lucky to have a vet that understands greyhounds and wouldn't try to do silly things like give us the fur of a cat that got shaved 15 years ago. Our humans probably wouldn't be comfortable asking for medical advice from a person who doesn't even understand our basic instincts but maybe they know other animals better.

Mac and Maisie

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