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Saturday, 14 September 2013

News from the Kennels

Although we now have our forever homes we try to stay connected to the place that took care of us when no one else could, Greyhound Rescue Fife.

This week a forever home has been found for Dotty, an adorable young grey who just loves to play and explore. It sounds like she's already made herself at home and her new owner is steadily getting used to her fragrant wind. Mags and Dandy also went home yesterday,  hopefully they've both settled in okay to their new homes too. They're what we consider to be "the new dogs" because they came into the kennels around about the time we left. We don't know them very well but our Mum always commented on how much Mags looks like Mac - another cousin perhaps?

Dog of the month Joe is still available, he's been in the kennels for a long time now and we can't wait until he finds a human to experience his fun nature. Hopefully being DOTM will mean that his days in the kennel are numbered.

Uncle Jimmy is getting better and making a recovery slowly but surely. He's currently out of the hospital and will be taking things easy for a while.  Once he's better he may have to let Auntie Celia have a rest as she's been very very busy while he's been away. Our sources tell us that the dogs at the kennels have been on their best behaviour for the volunteers but we know some of the characters down there have a naughty streak that just has to come out every now and then!

That's it for now folks, as always more information about Greyhound Rescue Fife can be found at their website and check out their blog here.

Mac and Maisie x

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