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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blog of the Week

Hello folks, Maisie here tonight. Mac and I have been talking and we've both been suprised by the number of people who have been checking out our blog. Since we came home less than a month ago our little blog has been looked at almost 1000 times! So we'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by and we promise to try to update more regularly.

Today we'd like to showcase our first blog of the week;

Two Greyhound Town - RVing Across America

Joey and Scout are two retired racing greyhounds just like us who are now living the American dream. Their family travels across the USA in an RV and of course the dogs come with them. Their blog charts their adventures and we can't wait to see where they go to next.

Would we want to travel in a motor home? I'm not sure, I personally love travelling in the car and I'm always trying to help the pack leader navigate but we also love our home comforts and the familiar lampposts that we pass every day on our walks. It would be very difficult to leave our previous living room floor behind too. I guess the life of a roadie isn't for everyhound.



  1. Hi Mac and Maisie! Lovely to meet you and I love your blog.
    Thanks for visiting Winniethegreyhound's blog - which is now all about Monkey. Winnie left BIG pawprints to fill but Monkey's settling in now.
    I am very proud to hear that our blog inspired you to blog too.
    The UK needs more dog bloggers!
    But I am so pleased to see that today you have mentioned one of my favourite blogs - Two Greyhound Town.
    I love Mac's cheesy grin (I think he lookds a lot like Monkey) and I am sorry to hear about Maisie's looming toothy op but I am sure she will be fine.
    Take care

  2. Hello Elaine, thank you very much for stopping by, we love reading about Monkey and he sounds like a real character. We especially liked the story of how he licked the hand of the MOTH, when Maisie first met her new dad she nuzzled up to his leg like she'd known him all her life! We've never seen her do that to anyone since, especially not a stranger. Us dogs definitely pick our humans, we just do it in a way so you have to fill out all the paperwork.

    Mac is also going to the dentist soon but hopefully none of his trademark grin will have to be removed. He has a habit of pinching Maisie's dentastick so he'll probably be fine!

    Thanks again for stopping by, we'll be reading the further adventures of the Pritchard family.

    Mac and Maisie

  3. Thank you for reading our blog, Two Greyhound Town. We have all the comforts of home here and Joey and Scout love exploring new areas. They seem to be ready to move on to a new location after a few weeks. There are times that we miss having our own yard though.

  4. Hello Patty, it certainly seems like a fun way for a greyhound to spend their retirement. As long as our family came with us I think we'd be okay :)

    Mac and Maisie