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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Visitor

Hello everyone, it's Maisie here today. On Sunday we met a new friend, she's a very very good friend of Kate's from Germany who's studying in Scotland this year. We were told to be on our best behaviour because she's more of a cat person than a dog person and despite our best efforts we can come across as quite scary to someone who isn't used to dogs. I really liked her though and wanted to be her best friend so I kept on getting into trouble for trying to kiss her and jump up on her lap. She has a cat called Jenny back at home that she's really missing now that she's in Scotland so I provided quite a good service by allowing her to stroke me all afternoon. She also helped Kate walk the spaniels from down the road and really enjoyed it, she even asked if she can walk them again sometime! The dogs she's met in the past weren't very friendly so I'm glad that Mac and I were able to help change her view towards us. She still thinks Mac's teeth are scary though;

I think I have to admit to needing some clarification on what the sofa is for. I'm struggling to understand why my humans can sit on the sofas and chairs all day but as soon as I try to join them, I get told off and asked to move. Daddy came into the living room the other night to ask Kate a question and when he looked over at her favourite spot, I was sat there having a sleep. When he asked me to move I gave him a look to say "But why? No one's using it" because I really couldn't see why it would be a problem. This made my family laugh and I'm not sure why, they think I have a funny face.

When Lilly came over she was suprised by a couple of things about us. Firstly she wondered why we were wearing raincoats for going outside. Our family told her it was because it was raining outside but that didn't really answer her question, so they told her it's because it's much easier to put a coat on a dry greyhound than to bring back home a soggy sulky greyhound. Us greys love being spoiled, after all our racing and time in the kennels this is our time to be worshipped!

Secondly she wondered why we wanted to sleep on the bare floor when we have a lovely memory foam bed each, two blankets and a cushion to choose from. Our humans weren't able to answer this one so accurately but we can. There's a fine art to sleeping that only certain animals are able to understand. The sloth understands it, koalas get it too but as a domestic pet the greyhound can take full advantage of it. You see, a good sleep is a bit like a symphony. If we spent all night in one sleeping position it would be boring. We need to move around, experience new sensations and levels of comfort as we run races in our dreams. We could go on but we know that a lot of our readers are human and despite your best efforts, you're just not going to understand the feeling of bliss we can achieve by sleeping on a carpet.

We hope that Lilly comes back again, she was very nice.

Our eBay items aren't making our charities millionaires just yet but we were asked by a buyer to put up some more Beanie Baby cards that they're interested in so we're happy that at least a few things are selling. We've also found a few One Direction promotional postcards that we think might sell if the right Directioner comes along. Paws crossed!

Maisie x

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