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Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Trip to the Kennels

Hello everyone,  it's Maisie here today as Mac is still sleeping off our busy morning.

Today our humans went to the kennels as they do every Sunday to walk the homeless hounds. When they got there they found that half of Fife had turned out to walk our friends. Only two dogs still needed walking - our friends Blanche and Rocky, who have both been around a while. Kate had never walked Blanche before but she fell in love with her very quickly. She's a young dog with bundles of energy and we hope she finds her forever home soon because she has nothing but love and affection to offer,  a lot like me. Anyway, while they were there they also bought a bag of food for Mac, who isn't doing so well on our new food. If you read read back a few days you'll find out more about the sorts of issues it's been causing for him.

Our humans also saw Uncle Jimmy (who hy the way is looking a lot better) and were able to ask him about an issue they were having with Mac's microchip. You see, when they went to get it registered,  they were told the number they provided didn't belong to him. Jimmy offered to read the microchip for them so they went home to get Mac.

On the way,  good old Kate pointed out to Mum that I might like to go too. Although I didn't need to be there, I get upset when Mac goes somewhere without me so they agreed that I could go and say hello too.

We loved seeing all our friends again and we got a heroes welcome from some of the volunteers. We were also reacquainted with Karen, who we are told is a fan of our blog. We didn't have a pen to give her an autograph but we did allow her to cuddle and adore us (but really,  who doesn't adore us?) Karen also said that our blog would be nowhere near as fun if we were always on our best behaviour - I think that means we can keep being naughty!

I'm glad that people say hello to us when ee visit,  I just find it so rude when people don't acknowledge me. The other day I stopped in the middle of the pavement during the walk because the woman at the other side of the road was on a mobile phone and she hadn't said hello to me! The nerve of some people,  I stared at her until she put her phone down and laughed. Not quite a belly rub but close enough. Mum was mortified.

It was great seeing everyone again but Mac and I are completely exhausted now. Mac is so tired when people come into the room he doesn't even look up to see if they have any food for him. I've just moved from the area by the door to my bed because Mum accidentally stood on my paw and even though it was only lightly and she didn't mean to do it, it is my job to make her feel guilty. She's not buying it though,  maybe because I just rolled on my belly and gave her a big smile. I can't stay angry for long.


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