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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Hello folks, it's Mac here tonight and the title might give you a clue that we've not been on our best behaviour recently.

Maisie and I (along with every dog I'm sure) have a mischievous streak within our DNA. I try to ignore it as much as I can because I know my owners are not keen to encourage it but Maisie sometimes brings out my devil horns. Our family has seen her a few times getting me into trouble when she wants to play.

The other day Mum walked into the living room and found me sitting on the floor playing with her credit cards. Although I was caught red handed she strongly suspected that Maisie was not entirely innocent as she is rather similar to a magpie. Anything shiny (or just anything unattended) is taken to her bed and claimed as her own. Later that day Mum realised that her iPhone was missing and Kate didn't help her stop worrying when she pointed out that it might have looked rather yummy to Maisie. They eventually found it under the chair (no doubt misplaced by Miss Magpie) before they had to feel our stomachs for signs of vibration!

Our family were praising me tonight for my patience while they tried to remove a tick from my chest. It wasn't the most comfortable few minutes for me but I knew they were doing their best to get rid of the evil little thing without hurting me too much. Hopefully they won't have to do that too often, I am a fan of my woodland walks but not of the visitors who come home with me!

Right now our secretary is typing my post while I'm snuggled up in my new blanket. This is the life, our family do know how to spoil us!

Mac x

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