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Saturday, 28 September 2013

News From The Kennels

Although we now have our forever homes we try to stay connected to the place that took care of us when no one else could, Greyhound Rescue Fife.

Hounds With Homes

Some more of our friends have found their forever homes this week - Star, Silver and Knight. We're delighted for their new humans because they're all delightful dogs and their new families will get to experience a lot of joy with them.

Dog of the Month

Dog of the Month Joe is still looking for a home, he might be a little more cheeky than the dogs above but really he just loves to have fun and he'll make the human that eventually adopts him very happy.

One to Watch

Kate went along to the kennels last Sunday and fell in love with the gorgeous Blanche. In return for a couple of our favourite treats and the promise that neither of us would be swapped for Blanche, we agreed to tell our readers a bit more about her. Kate was taken aback by the beauty of Blanche when she first met her, the picture on the website is nowhere near as stunning as the hound herself. Her coat is mainly a snowy white colour with black snowflakes dotted along her back and a couple of black patches either side of her face. As well as being visually stunning, her coat is also silky soft and will come up great once her future human puts some dry shampoo on it. She's a very affectionate dog who enjoys a cuddle just like us but we suspect that her downfall might be that she's rather strong on the lead. As a young hound with lots of bouncy energy, we think maybe potential families have been put off by a small issue that with consistent training could be improved upon. Our mum has ordered a Gentle Leader (just like the one Maisie has) for the kennel staff to try out on Blanche in an attempt to try and improve her behaviour and find her the forever home she deserves. If that doesn't work our humans are going to take her to the next greyhound fundraising event held by the rescue so that everyone sees how wonderful she really is.

A Couple of VIGs (Very Important Greyhounds)

Kate wasn't the only one who visited the kennels on Sunday, read all about our visit here! We had a great time and it was really nice to see everyone again but now that we've discovered the luxuries of memory foam beds, fleece coats and our own private back garden we couldn't go back.

That's it for now folks, as always more information about Greyhound Rescue Fife can be found at their website and check out their blog here.

Mac and Maisie x

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