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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Funny Tummy

Hi everyone,  Mac here tonight with an update about my post from the other day.

Again,  this post is not for the faint hearted. Please only read if you don't plan to eat anytime soon. 

My stomach has been a little fragile in the last week. My family initially thought it was due to the new food I was on but they've now caught me drinking out of the birdbath so they're not sure if that has given me a funny tummy. They've put me back on my old food and now covered up the birdbath so I can't drink out of it again so hopefully I'll be better in a few days.

The lovely Kathy gave my humans an idea as to how to get up my diarrhoea, especially when I decide to go in front of someone's house. She suggested that they try putting a paper plate under my bum. Mum was sceptical that I would allow an object to be put under my bum, especially since she knows how much I love the sound of my deposits hitting the ground. She adapted the technique though and found something that I would tolerate under my bum. It was so easy to move off the pavement, however Andrew was half hysterical and half horrified that our neighbours were driving past to the sight of me pooing onto the front of a newspaper and Kate looking delighted.

Apologies to anyone who was waiting on a blog post yesterday,  we had a visitor that kept Kate busy which meant we didn't have a chance to sneak onto her laptop and update everyone. Hopefully normal service has now resumed.

Mac ( who will never drink out the birdbath again)

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