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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Where did you go, Mac?

Hello folks,  Maisie here. For those of you who don't know me,  I'm described by my owners as very affectionate. I love being around humans and my husband Mac too of course. A little problem I have though is I get anxious when the people I love aren't around. I don't know where they've gone and if they'll be back,  I worry that I didn't give them enough kisses and now they've maybe forgotten me. I'm getting better now though because I know if Mac isn't concerned,  I don't need to be either.

Well this morning our pack leader came in and took Mac away!  She tried to explain to me that he was going to the vets but I don't know what that word means. I thought maybe if I started howling my silly family would realise they'd forgotten to take me and come back. After a few minutes it became clear to me that I wasn't invited on this trip and I howled some more because I don't like being left behind all by myself. It turns out though I wasn't alone,  the rest of my family were just sleeping! Kate gave up on trying to sleep when she heard me singing the blues downstairs to myself and joined me for breakfast. She looked a little tired,  I wonder why? Anyway it made me feel better to have someone around who'd been left behind too.

Our pack leader then went to the Greyhound Summer Fete in the afternoon and brought us back lots of presents. Mac and I now have beautiful new collars, some new toys and a couple of jackets for when the weather is unpleasant. Humans don't appreciate a good chew toy so she also brought back some tasty home baking for everyone else.

Tomorrow we'll be meeting some new friends. Their names are Missy and Pancho and they came from the same rescue as us! Their human has kindly offered to help our human take us on walks we can enjoy without getting worried about the other animals and people in the area. Hopefully we'll get along okay.

It's been a busy day,  I'd better catch up on my sleep now.


P.S: I've finally learned how to lie on my back without falling over!

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