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Monday, 19 August 2013

A stressful day

Mac here and you're probably wondering what could be so stressful about my day. My 3 main activities in the day are the 3 things I love to do the most - sleep, eat and go for walks. One thing I don't enjoy much though is other dogs. I just don't understand how some of the things I see walked on leads are dogs. Where's the long muscular body and the pointy snout? They're not dogs at all, they're rabbits in disguise!

Anyway,  I digress. These exteme views mean that I am often misunderstood. I'm trying to be better so maybe one day I can go to the dog show and take a look around or at least walk down the street without causing terror.

My family are all working with me to help me get more socialised but yesterday as we left the house for the morning walk we came across a problem.  You see, my family are very good friends with a couple down the road who own a pair of springer spaniels.

Of course all the humans wanted to stop and chat and adore me and Maisie as only humans can. These neighbours stank of spaniel and I was shaking when they came to pet me. I love humans but those. ..things sitting in my front garden on my favourite spot to do my first poo of the morning were testing my patience. It was taking all my strength to hold in my barks. I gave a few quick barks when I really couldn't hold back anymore and although I got told off I was praised for being extra tolerant at a trying time.

After that my walk was a breeze. I saw dogs of all shapes and sizes but while they made me a little tense, I knew at least they weren't sitting on my front lawn.

Oh, it's a hard life being a good dog. Our hedgehog pal Spike also appeared at our front door for our planned reunion last night but our owners mistook our enthusiasm at seeing him and thought we were trying to attack him! We got dragged away before I could pick him up for another ride, our reunion will have to wait until all the humans are away.

Until next time,  I'm off to sleep in my favourite spot.



  1. I see you and Maisie haven't quite got the hang of those squishy soft things yet! If you don't want them I'm sure some of your pals at GRF
    will take them off your paws?

  2. You mean our headrests? We use those!