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Sunday, 25 August 2013

A family reunion, 3 courgettes and an awesome definitely not camp collar

Mac here,  if you've read the title you'll know I have a lot to cover today. So without further ado, I'll begin.

As Maisie explained in our last blog, we joined Missy and Pancho on their walk today. When their humans, Mary and Adam, came over to say hello,  I rushed over to say hello to Missy and Pancho like they were old friends. We went for a lovely walk and Mary taught our humans how we could feel more secure around other dogs when we're out walking. We're both absolutely exhausted now,  I've politely requested that no one disturbs me until my dinner is ready.

Anyway,  the humans were talking about our former lives as racers and our family history. It turns out that Pancho isn't just Pancho,  but Cousin Pancho! Trust us to sniff out a close family relative and organise a reunion.

As we were getting into the car, our pack leader was approached by a man we didn't know. He asked if she liked courgettes and when she said "yes", hey presto! He gave us some courgettes. He owns a plot on an allotment and had loads of them. What a lovely thing to do.

And to finish today's post I'd like to ask for the opinions of my friends. My mum got me a beautiful new collar yesterday and I was OUTRAGED to hear it described as "camp". My new pride and joy, I look like royalty in this thing,  how dare they describe it as camp?! Anyway,  I await your feedback, apologies for the slightly sulky look on my face in the pictures.



  1. Looks fab, definitely not camp!

  2. Thank you Karen, I think some people are just jealous of how handsome I look in it. It brings out all my finest features and I'm clearly the prettiest dog in the street now (but there really wasn't much tough competition beforehand either!) I think some humans just find it hard to cope with the fact that they can't wear collars too.

  3. Nope, doesn't look camp to me neither........but then I am a fan of pink harnesses. ;-)

  4. Please don't tell me you ever took me out in a pink harness Ann, if you did then it's clearly been a memory that I have wiped from my traumatised mind.

  5. Fear not mac, your manhood is intact! No pink harnesses defiled your person......