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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hello Trouble

Maisie here, I do apologise if you have been waiting for my latest entry. I've been laying low for a couple of days because I committed a terrible crime on Saturday. You see, the pack leader was just about to take Mac and I out for a walk and I got very excited. I got so excited that I had a bit of an accident on the carpet. I was really upset with myself because I know that I shouldn't poo in the house but luckily my owners knew that it was an accident and they didn't shout at me. I've been especially good though just in case they're thinking of sending me back.

Mac on the other hand has been marking his territory in the house and our owners definitely do not approve of that. Once I'd finished eating yesterday he decided to mark my food bowl as his own. His marvellous aim meant that most of his urine was collected in the bowl but our family were not impressed and are continuing to teach him the difference between marking indoors and marking outdoors (where he can pee on every lamppost he desires).

On Saturday night two more humans arrived home from their holiday and we greeted them like any good dog would - waggy tails and lots of affection. Both of them were amazed by our presence because they've never had dogs in the house and we looked very at home. Our daddy adores us and didn't even mind about the stain on the carpet (which has almost gone now).

On Sunday we went on a walk around Loch Leven but I was more excited for the car journey. It's still a bit of a novelty every time my car harness is put on me and I know it's a sign that we're going somewhere exciting. We also found out that our old kennel has been occupied by a brother and sister called Ikey and Iris. They adore each other and don't like to be separated. Hopefully they'll find their forever home soon and won't be in there as long as we were.

After a weekend of good behaviour I decided I would promote myself in the pack to a member who could sleep on the sofa. I was soon removed and reminded that my bed is on the floor. Hopefully I'm not back in the doghouse again for that!


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