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Friday, 9 August 2013

Hello territory

Mac here,  Day 3 in our new home and we our beginning to get a little more comfortable. Maisie is beginning to accept that our humans do need some time to themselves occasionally and that they even have to leave the house without us sometimes but they do come back eventually.

On that note,  we were very excited to discover that Kate works on a fish counter and comes home stinking of smoked haddock. She doesn't seem to appreciate our enthusiasm for her wonderful aroma though,  humans can be such funny creatures.

Our pack leader threatened to trade me in for a cat the other day and although I'm fairly certain she was joking I'm trying to be a good pet and show her that I love being a part of the family. I get a bit agitated when I see small animals during our walks but I try very hard to ignore them. I even managed to walk past a pussycat yesterday!

Our uncle Jimmy told our humans that Maisie and I are  a married couple. With this in mind I decided it was time to take charge as the male and hog the bed. Maisie, as any wife would be, was not impressed;

Maisie wags her tail in her sleep though so i guess we all have to put up with some little niggles.

Overall I'm really enjoying my new home and there's rumour of two more humans coming home tomorrow! Our coats are shiny in preparation for the big introduction.


This sleeping arrangement made our humans go "aww". 

...and proof that Maisie sometimes hogs the beds too!

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