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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tooth Troubles

Mac here today,  after a couple of  days of constant pain and anguish I have made it off my death bed to the  computer.

On Monday Maisie went to the vet and got 6 teeth out. It was my turn on Tuesday and when I woke up,  I had 9 less teeth. I woke up confused,  sad and very very sore. My trademark smile is ruined,  I'll be working on my new smile all week.

My family have been doing their best to make my constant misery a little less miserable. I got an extra large extra tasty breakfast that made my life worth living yesterday. I've also been getting extra tummy tickles and ear rubs.

It has came to my attention that a certain Maisie does not agree with my version of events. She says that I was sore and tired for the first night and ever since I've been faking it for sympathy. That's not true at all, I'm a very sad dog right now and sad dogs can run across the room for treats just like any other dog.


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