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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Celebrity Approved

Mac here today, you might be wondering why our blog has been a little quieter than usual. It's because Maisie and I usually grab Kate's phone when she isn't looking to update the blog but she's went away for a few days and we both struggle with the laptop. We've managed to get our blog posts up but replying to comments is turning out to be a challenge and when faced with challenges, we do what greyhounds do best (sleep). Thank you everyone who has commented though and normal business should resume soon.

Another few days have passed and another couple of training techniques have been tested. First our humans tried filling a water bottle with gravel to shake at us when we're looking for something to fight. This didn't have much of an effect on us and made mum look like a lost band member. Mum then tried giving us squeezy cheese through our muzzle when we were vood. I liked that a lot more but we all returned home covered in cheese so I don't think she's keen to try it again.

The big news of my weekend is that I have a celebrity fan. In the UK there's been a programme on TV called The Big Reunion where some 90s pop bands have reformed. I watched it every Thursday with Kate and my favourite band was definitely B*Witched (Irish roots like me and who doesn't love the song C'est La Vie?) Kate met Keavy from the band yesterday, who was always my favourite because she appreciates how important a friendship with a dog can be the most. She saw a picture on Kate's phone of my winning smile and said "aww".

...What do you mean "is that it?"! It might not be an endorsement deal but I feel very proud!

Mac x

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