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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Note on Our Training

Our regular readers will know that we're no angels and that much amusement is had by our owners as they try to train us. At the kennels we weren't considered to be the easiest dogs to rehome, especially Mac because he hated other dogs.

When we first got home our humans had to put up with some very disruptive walks. If we saw another dog, no matter how far away in the distance, we both went crazy, barking and twirling round and getting very distressed. The same was true for just about any creature we encountered - if it wasn't a greyhound, we'd go bonkers!

We're by no means perfect but after 2 months our humans are delighted with our progress. We understand now that there are other cats and dogs in our area and we only get upset if they invade our personal space or look like they want to hurt us. We still don't like hedgehogs and squirrels but overall we're a lot more confident on our walks.

Our humans are very proud of us and all the progress we've made since we left the kennels. We're just happy that we've been able to show them that even troublesome hounds can behave themselves if we really try hard!

Mac and Maisie

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  1. I was just gonna say this is really good, it took my dogs much much longer, I think sometimes people want fast results but it just doesn't work like that, you have to take time with them, they just were not used to any of this stuff. Floyd hates any size or shape of a dog and when he starts Jess starts as well so I concentrated on him because if he is quiet she copies him and will be calm too. We are nowhere near to be friendly fluffy dog and I don't think he ever will be but we manage to pass dogs on the street without any drama now. With the cats it a whole different story :D