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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hi effryone, Maithie here thoonight and I do apologith for my awful grammar. I've juth had 6 teeth out and I'm thill getting ushed to them not being there.

Yetherday I went to the vet to get my teeth thaled and polithed. I didn't know whath that meant unthil I looked it up on Thunday night;

They're going to do what?!

My family were worried that I might find the thurgery thore or that I would have no teeth ath the end buth when they thame for me ith was like I hadden hath any thurgery ath all! I came out and tried to play with a little model that the vet had. It made them laff becoth they thought I would be thore and thad buth I couldn't waith to get home to thee Mac and more importantly,  my dinner!

It wath Mac's turn at the vet thooday buth I'll let him tell hith thory  another day.

Yours toothily


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