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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sad Sick Hound - An Update

Hello folks, it's Mac here tonight. I have staggered off my death bed to update my loyal friends who have been lighting candles and praying that I will be okay (if you haven't been doing these things just humour him. It's easier than trying to correct him - Maisie).

You might remember that on Monday I was taken to the vet because I'd been shaking, I wouldn't leave Mum alone, Maisie was barking at me, I looked restless and like I was in pain. Well, the vet found that I have a life threating condition that almost cost me my life. It's called a tender elbow.

(He's such a drama hound, it's not even broken! The rest of his "symptoms" probably came from his blocked anal glands which we all know are now fine because he won't stop farting!)

As you can probably imagine, a tender elbow is a very serious condition for a greyhound to have. Barely anyone survives longer than 24 hours after their diagnosis. I will be on medication for the rest of my life. The initial painkillers look like normal medication but after a few days they will develop the appearance of a dog biscuit as they get stronger and more advanced.

(I don't know where he got this information and it looks like a dog biscuit because it is a dog biscuit.)

I know you are all naturally concerned about my quality of life from this moment on but I can assure you that my family are trying my best to give me a normal life. Maisie is heartbroken over the news and is snuggling up too me whenever she can for fear that she'll lose me at any minute.

(That's not true at all, sometimes he hogs the space by both beds and I have no choice but to snuggle up to him).

Thank you all for your kind words and comments. I tweaked the blog a little earlier today to allow for my friends who don't have Google+ to also comment and wish me well. Unfortunately this means that I've lost all the previous comments on the system but Maisie and I read them all and appreciate them.

(This part is true, our Comments system now allows anyone to post, including our mum who has previously expressed a wish to set the record straight on some of our stories)

The dizziness is returning and I can see a light so I'll return to my bed now. Until next time folks,

Mac (and Maisie)



  1. We are happy to hear that you are going to be okay. We were quite worried about you.

  2. Is this one of those illnesses heralded by the GSOD? I feel your pain and see your fraility!

  3. This is the way of the Greyhound. So glad that you are doing better. Dog biscuit medicine can cure many things that ail you. Ask for them often.

  4. Maisie, I think we need to get together sometime and share stories! BOL!