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Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Sad Sick Hound

Hello everyone, Mac here tonight with some sad news. I've not been feeling too well recently and it's really been a worry to my humans. I can't find the words to tell them what's wrong but I know they'd do everything they could to make sure I wasn't in pain if they just understood why I'm so sad.

Yesterday Mum took me to the emergency vet. I just couldn't get comfy, I wasn't wanting to move too far from Mum, I was panting and shaking with my tail between my legs. She checked all over my body, my eyes, mouth, legs, you name it, she checked it! Then there was only one area left to check - my bum.

(At this point when Mum was telling the story to Dad, I let out a massive fart. I personally believe my genius timing deserves a paragraph of appreciation before I move on).

The vet cleared out my, ahem, anal glands for me, which were apparently pretty badly bunged up. My poo has been very sloppy for the last month or so and that means they haven't been able to clean themselves out. It cost Mum about £30 altogether but as Kate pointed out, that's money she'd gladly spend to avoid having to do the deed herself.

My family hoped that I'd feel better after my cleansing but I'm still not right. My auntie Celia says I'm still in pain and trying to tell my humans something so I'll be back at the vets tomorrow. Hopefully they'll get some answers and I'll feel better.

On a lighter note, I'd like to complain about the footwear Kate has been choosing to wear the last week. It's no suprise to anyone that I have a high prey drive and our neighbours (the owners of the spaniels I hate) brought her back some Ugg boots from Austrailia.

Yes, that is Wonder Woman underwear and one of the Toy Story aliens in the picture with the boots but that's another story.

My human readers might look at that picture and think cosy, comfy, winter boots. My canine companions who are similarly minded to myself have a different priority;

Holy Moly Genuine Sheepskin!

After a minor battle, they were removed to a safe location and Kate was warned not to let me near her boots again or risk a similar fate to Monkey.

Another crime against fashion passed my canine nose a couple of days ago that once again reminded me of my old pal Monkey;

Since they didn't smell as tasty as the Ugg boots I decided to let them go but Maisie was going crazy - she thought it was a new toy! We're both getting used to them now although Maisie still tries for the occasional nibble.

That's all folk, I'm going back to sleep and dreaming that tomorrow I will maybe feel a little better.


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