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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Training Humans is Hard Work

Hello again everyone, Mac here again to update you all on how we're getting on with our training. It's not just dogs that need training, humans also need a considerable amount of training from their hound and unfortunately our humans are just not picking up on it!

We're still trying to teach them the basics. The first thing they should do when they wake up is leap out of bed, put on their clothes and take us for a walk. There's no time to go to the toilet or eat breakfast! We don't care if we've just came back from a walk! We might not always want to go out again but they should be able to respond to my command.

We've lived here 7 months now and they're still not getting it so I've started whining and barking when I hear someone wandering around the house. It concerned dad at first, who thought I might desperately need a poo. Kate wasn't so easy too fool though and she told him that I was only howling when I heard someone get out of bed. She was clever enough to figure out my trigger but she still hasn't taken the hint that I want her to stop what she's doing and come over immediately!

*sigh* do any other hounds have any tips? Are my humans really stupid or are they all this stubborn?


(As you can see I'm completely exhausted now)


  1. Mac, you are a greyhound which means that you are exceptionally smart and clever. Humans just can't compete with it! Most humans want to go to the bathroom while the hound whines, but I think yours might just be a bit dumb if you have to howl to get them going!

  2. The trick is to use your "I have to go poo" whine. Or better yet, pretend to be about to throw up. Nothing gets a human out of bed quicker than that sound.

  3. We like to mix it up with the cold nose poke! You burrow your nose under the covers and find any exposed skin and I guarantee they'll be up and moving!


  4. :) I think they will eventually get it, but I think you might just try that cold nose poke!