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Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Greyhound Walk

Hello everyone, today we decided to go on a special greyhound walk with our friends from Greyhound Rescue Fife. Some of us brought along humans too but they were all closely supervised by a responsible hound so they didn't cause any trouble.

I (Mac) was a little worried that if I disappeared to say hello to a friend that Maisie would miss me too much but imagine my surprise when she started going around every group and saying hello without me as an escort!

While Maisie made new friends, I was busy greeting my fans - being a celebrity blogger hound is hard work! My fans told me that they missed hearing about my adventures so I decided now was the perfect time to make a comeback.

Maisie was also reunited with an old friend - her old trainer came to say hello and introduced himself to our humans. He recognised her right away and told them some interesting things about her, including why she retired from racing. Apparently she'd been doing well but she hurt her paw and was never the same afterwards. She is loving her new career as a retired racer though, I'm not sure she'd want to go back.

We were very good on our walk and showed our humans that we can be good around other dogs if we feel comfortable. Mum decided to stop on the way home to buy us a special treat, crunchy toothbrushes!!

Our busy morning put us behind on our sleep so now we're catching up with our most important work.

Mac x


  1. Mac, I'm so glad you decided to grace us with your blog again. We really missed you. Don't worry, and sleep till you feel like reading this!

  2. Mac, the life of a celebrity hound is full of adoring fans! I'm glad you had such a great walk, and it's nice to see you post!


  3. I was one of your fans who said on the walk how much we missed your blog, Mac. Do keep posting.