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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

5 Things to Do With Your Hound When There Builders In The House

Right now the kitchen in our house is being rebuilt. We thought it looked okay but apparently the humans thought we needed a new one so there are a lot of builders working in our house. We were a little upset to discover that the builders just wanted to work and didn't want to play with us but here are some things that humans can do to make us feel happier.

1. Hang out with us

Our humans are pretty good at doing this anyway but we appreciate it more when there are weird noises and people walking around who don't live here. If we see a human is okay with all the strange things that are going on, it makes us  feel a little better.

2. Take us on more walks

We try our best to be cool and confident but sometimes we get a bit anxious - what if our new kitchen doesn't have any treats in it? What if our humans decide they don't need the garden either and we have nowhere to play? It can sometimes lead to accidents if we get very excited or uneasy so a quick 5 minute walk helps to settle our nerves and empty our bladder.

3. Reward us when we're good

This is another thing that our humans are good at but a nice treat is always appreciated. A nice meaty chew can also take our mind away from everything, stimulate our brains, clean our teeth and burn off our excess energy! What's not to love?

4. Don't be too hard on us when we're naughty

Having builders in the house is stressful for us pets too and although we do our best to be good, sometimes we slip up or get confused. We might be pushing our luck sometimes and it's not okay if we're causing trouble on purpose, but we'll probably feel a lot better after we've went for a walk.

5. Humour us

We'll admit it, having the builders in isn't THAT traumatising for us but we do like a bit of extra cuddle time and appreciation. Every hound reacts differently to these changes so although we just like to catch up on our sleep when the builders are around, your hound might need more love and attention.

Mac and Maisie


  1. Oh no! A kitchen without treats would give me nightmares!

    We had builders working on our upstairs recently. I always scored some pettings during their lunch break! I also insisted that I get fed lunch, too. Two wins for me!

  2. Are you sure this isn't all a scam to get more cookies? If it is, it's brilliant!


  3. Be careful about telling Mom's secrets...she might change out the chewy toothbrush for a real one!