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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pick Maisie for Most Loveable Face

Hello everyone, the annual Greyhound Dog Show is coming up this weekend and I'm very excited. I can show all my friends from the kennels my new family!
The dog show is raising money for my old kennels so naturally I have to go along and show my support. I'm not one for prancing in a show ring but Mum thinks I have a very loveable face so I'm going to show it to the judge. I'm just trying to decide what pose to pull when she sees me.
The obvious choice would be to show her my big brown eyes and all my teeth but that's the move every hound pulls!

 I want suave, sophistication, maybe a bit of smoulder.

And all this is before I've even decided what to wear, oh my! It's a big event in my social calendar, I can't mess it up.
Come and say hello if you see me on Sunday, it will help to calm my nerves before my big stage debut.
P.S : Mac is a bit more laid back about the weekend.

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