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Monday, 19 May 2014

Fife Dog Show

Hello everyone, Maisie here today! I had a lot of fun at Fife Dog Show and I made a lot of new friends. Mum also bought me a new muzzle to show off to all my new friends.

I think I must have said hello to every dog at least 3 times over! Kate said I was shopping for a new home but I remembered where my loyalties lie when Mum bought some treats called Ducky Stripes.

Mac was too preoccupied to eat any but I loved them so much I ate his too and got 5 altogether!! He missed out.

Mac also missed out on making friends because he was a little more on edge with meeting lots of new dogs. He didn't mind the hounds but there were other dogs that were stressing him out a bit. He still enjoyed being there and seeing everyone but he tried to stay away from the dogs he didn't like and as he got more tired he got more grumpy (NEVER deprive a hound of sleep, we're not as easygoing as we make out to be).

In the car we usually like to look out all of the windows and see everything that's going on but on the way home we were so exhausted;

It's hard work socialising! But we had a fantastic time and even though I didn't win Most Loveable Face I still had a great time.
Maisie x


  1. I'm wondering if you purposely made Mac nervous so you would look better and could also get all the stripes treats. I like your new muzzle and definitely think you should have won the face contest!

  2. Way to get all the treats!