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Monday, 9 December 2013

Slaves to Fashion

As requested,  Mum insisted that we dress up for a reenactment of our fashion faux pas last week! 


  1. It was funny when you described it, but it is SUPER FUNNY to see it! Daddies are silly.

    1. Dad is disputing it was him - he said they'd swapped them over themselves. Hmmm , as if!

  2. They look warm but slightly embarrased!

  3. Our Jack sympathises. He says he looks like a girl because his Mummy is too mean to buy him a new coat because she has 'a perfectly good one' which belonged to a previous dog who was about 4 inches longer in the back. On Jack it looks like he is wearing a skirt.

  4. Why am I not surprised? My apologies to all other men I am talking about my husband. My husband goes walk the dogs if I am away so just by chance I have found out that he doesn’t even know how to put collar on correctly. Seriously it is not that hard. :) Monika, Floyd and Jess

  5. Jack should just embrace his feminine side and enjoy the warmth

  6. Maisie looks mortified. She seems to know it's not her coat. Mac is not as stressed and does a funny girlie walk when he's got the wrong coat on.