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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Who's sleeping in my bed?

Admittedly, I'm a bit biased. To me Mac is such a clever dog. He drinks my juice, without me noticing, didn't knock the glass over or spill a drop. He folded his memory foam mattress in half and that took some doing, lots of pawing and scratching. Result being a nice thick mattress, twice as comfy. Maisie is very dippy, but perhaps not so daft, she pinched his nice comfy bed and left Mac the thin one. Poor Mac!


  1. Ha ha ha! Well, with our first pair, Hawk figured out that if he ran to the back door and barked, Treat would always follow, but she had a harder time navigating the kitchen floor. By the time she got back, he always had the dog bed he wanted. When she wanted go out, she went over to him and he got up and gave us the signal that it was turn out time!

    1. Ha! They all make us laugh don't they?

  2. It's amazing that every group of dogs has a boss, and they really know how to boss the "underlings" around .!

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