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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Cool Coats: Keeping Hounds (and their Owners) Sane

Hello everyone, if you've seen our blog before you might notice that our Mum likes to buy us all kinds of fancy things, like harnesses for the car, orthopaedic beds and a halter that reminds us how to walk down the street politely instead of dragging our humans through the park. Our newest addition is a "cool coat" to help us during the warmer days.

A couple of weeks ago we had some extremely hot days in Scotland - far too hot for us hounds and we were feeling rather uncomfortable during walks and even at home when we were trying to relax. We were very grateful for our cool coats because they helped to make us more comfortable and bring us down to a more comfortable temperature.

Before we put them on Mum pours some cold water over our coats and it gets absorbed into the layers, meaning that we get a nice refreshing relief from the sun without becoming soggy doggies. They were put through the ultimate test when Mac came home from a long walk and stopped panting after just 5 minutes. The day before he'd struggled to calm down for almost an hour so we were all thankful our big grump wasn't going to miss out on any more sleep!

The dog coats were expensive compared to normal coats (about £50 each) but Mum says it was definitely worth it to see us feel happier. Kate's only complaint is the weather is no longer nice enough to need them!

So if your human is looking for ways to help you during the summer heat, maybe point their direction towards this blog and they might just take the hint! Our coats came from K9 Active but similar designs are also available in other places online.

We hope you're all enjoying summer without too many consequences,



  1. Maisie, you and Mac are looking very spiffy in your cool coats! My mom is way too cheap to spend that much money so she bought a couple Chamois(synthetic) and made a cool coat for about $300 each for us! I want one like yours!
    Fleur and Power

  2. You look very comfy in your coats. One thing we learned early on about cool coats is to really watch them. They don't stay cool very long and then they start to trap the body heat in, so it's a good idea to keep cold water with you if you're going for a walk so you can re wet them.

  3. Those coats are a brilliant idea. off to have a look at the web site.

    Hope you have a lovely day.